Wednesday, May 12, 2010

optimus prime / convoy photoshop tutorial

when i do shows like comic con, wondercon, and the calgary expo, i get asked how i create some of my illustrations. whether i use 3d apps and whatnot. here's a quick tutorial of how i did my recent optimus prime illustration. almost all of my own illustrations are done as drawings that are rendered in photoshop. this is my general process, but of course, there's always exceptions with every need and desired outcome. basically, whatever it takes is my moto. similarly, at work at the ilm art department, we utilize everything from 3d tools such as modo, sketchup, zbrush, and many traditional methods like good ol' drawing and painting to achieve our artwork. cool enjoy everyone!


G. Gerald Garcia said...

Wonderful work!
It leaves the viewer thinking about the creative process,how they would get from step to their own fashion.
Thank you.


chris.k said...

This was a real cool process to see! Especially builds appreciation for the decision making process-- so many initial silhouettes!

[btw, is it me or was the background music different before?]
stellar stuff either way~!

johng said...

hey thanks gerald and chris. gerald, the steps are pretty much at intervals when i felt like saving out a version. all the inbetween stuff, as you know, is just drawing and rendering. light, shadow, forms, style, etc, etc.

yeah chris, it (the initial form study) was actually more fun, but a challenging part of doing optimus. he's such a well known character, that i wanted to re-interpret, but not lose the spirit of the original design. so a lot of the form thumbnails looked pretty similar. but it was cool to go waaaay out too.

the bg music has always been the same. you probably caught another speed painting tutorial on youtube or something.

check back for a few more i'll probably put up. more build-ups and step through tutorials, until i find a good screen recorder for mac. thanks again for lookin'and commenting guys!