Sunday, May 30, 2010


it's here! my copy of the art of iron man 2 book has arrived! yes, even though we worked on the movie, most of us have to go out an purchase a copy ourselves. but it was cool. i'm happy to pick one up. so, i pre-ordered from amazon, but didn't do the rush shipping. it only came recently. lemme tell ya this an amazing art book! front to back it's just chalk full of really great illustrations, artwork, and ideas that did and didn't go into the final cut of the movie. fellow ilm artists such as aaron mcbride, alex jeager, devon cutler, micah siebert, bruce holcomb, ron woodall, rene garcia, and myself contributed many pieces of artwork to the movie. in addition to those at ilm, other artists also had a creative hand as well. it was a great honor to be listed with ryan mienerding, adi granov, george hull, bryan hitch, and many many others. here's some of the pages that feature some of the artwork i contributed to the movie. i had a ton of fun designing many of the visual effects as well as other assets. one of the designs that i thought was pretty cool is the whiplash mark II suit at the end of the movie. check out some photos of the whiplash design, as well as some war machine damage concepts taken from the book! enjoy!

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